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As a extra, the search toolbar it’s still on the taskbar, plus there’s still Windows 11 icons everywhere.

What search toolbar? I am talking about Gamerappa’s desktop. There’s no search toolbar in Gamerappa’s screenshot. And there’s 2 Windows 10 icons on the screenshot (I didn’t notice the microphone icon on the system tray as well, only the Windows Explorer icon on the taskbar)

Oh nvm got the 2 mixed up, thought you were talking about ranvir’s desktop, my bad.

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how do i do the taskbar i have startallbaclk bc mine is lookinng like shit rn

Old Roblox <3

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Nice KDE 6 wallpaper

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New Luna10 update just dropped, so had to make a new shot on my current desk, now using StartIsBack for the taskbar, and yeah the task sidebar works.

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oooh decimator dude, nice thing i ever seen.

steam :3

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Hell yeah, the 2003 icon rocks!

using stmserver isnt?

i guess its time for XP!