Share your desktops!

woodland has epic desktops :smile:

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Just got done setting up my Cubot P80 (a 120$ phone from AliExpress with REALLY GOOD specs for the value)

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Windows 10 (Main machine for everything, including studying. Aaaand yes, i love mac os but i have no buck also i love playing gaems)

Windows 7 (Virtual Machine for nostalgia stuff, also ignore the roblox icon, its useless as the VM has audio problems while playing 3d accelerated stuff)

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Very basic cuz i recently reinstalled windows on an ssd
(please recomment any wallpapers

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do you know what is the dock name you’re using

How did you get newest Firefox working on OS X Mavericks?

nexus dock with a macOS skin and icon pack i got from deviantart (the wallpaper is animated and is from wallpaper engine)

I installed the latest version that was compatible (Which was version 78 in 2021)

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i made mine Billie Bust Up & Serial Experiments Lain themed :slight_smile:

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my cloud pc desktop just fixed it

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sorry for the mess on my desktop)


ngl this is a great desktop, even if its not clean, its fine, I APPRECHEATE IT! :smile:

And this is on the second operating system (old screenshot) (I just couldn’t resist when I found a pack of MLP-style icons on devianart)

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still cool

Oh. I thought it was the latest version (which is 117 at the moment) because of the icon. Thanks for clarification.

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Classic bandicam error lol

Updated a little bit of my Desktop. Now you can see that I have a Windows 98 recycle bin for example

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The Linux of the multiverse.

Xubuntu 20.04
Wine 8.0.2 and Winetricks v.20200412 (also tested on the latest version);
WLM 8.1 onwards crashes in Wine during login (I couldn’t resolve it).

If you don’t mind, what’s your Messenger email address? If so, please send it private at my profile’s messages.

A man of retro! I see you have a Windows 98 Plus! wallpaper on your desktop!