Share your desktops!

If you don’t mind, what’s your Messenger email address? If so, please send it private at my profile’s messages.

A man of retro! I see you have a Windows 98 Plus! wallpaper on your desktop!

Last day on the Ventura, Somona coming tomorrow :slight_smile:

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Maybe gadgets?
This is one of the best ones in my opinion, it should still work today:

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ill miss it too i mean it was a good update but i have upgraded

Seems like you’re using the Arabic version of Windows 8.1 lol

Ngl I actually really like about how the Dock’s icons are

Sorry but unfortunately it didn’t had much stuff that I could put without duplicating or having the same usage of this Raindrop gadget (Clock, Alarm, Day, Temperature, Location, CPU/RAM Status)


gadgets work


Sorry to interrupt but have you managed to run Opera 9, 10 or 11 properly on Windows 11?

yes! it works great

nice I managed to make Opera 10 to work

Looks actually accurate ngl

I cleared my desktop of all sorts of junk


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Pidgin used to have an MSN plugin, someone really should make a fork of that plugin and make it work with Escargot or that other patch which name I forgot

Here is mine :blush:

There is one

Is it working steam or is it just installed for beauty?

Working Steam. Sadly it’s the latest version, just changed the icon.

Wow, i haven’t seen a desk like this in a while. it made me remember my days at school xd