Share your desktops!

Do you hear what are you saying dude?
So if I want to play minecraft with my friends for example, i have to be a company to make a server???

Yea, servers are business. They allow you to make you money lol.

Because I am too broke to buy a vps, and have an laptop laying arround, so I might gave it a shot.

Only Workstations can work,You can only make a server in work. You´re still a kid (if you are a minor).

Maybe yes,but not as a hobby.

What in the world does that mean?

Workstations can work

Yea sure, because I self host that means I am 2 yr old. Logically

Ok so I need to have a job to do my hobby so I can make a server.
If I don’t have a job but I want to do my hobby, I can’t, the fbi will show up at my house.

You know Windows NT 4.0? The workstation edition said workstation because that was strictly for workstations

Its successor Windows 2000 Professional (and in extension Windows XP Professional) is for professionals

Yea, but I don’t think Ubuntu uses branding schemes from 1996

Raspberry Pi’s exist for a reason dude.
They also exist for servers.

for two weeks

Wait, where is Windows Aero?

windows basic

they said i won’t get feature updates, then what is this?

installed windows 7 so i could try to make a perfect-ish “Windows XP Classic Theme” look.

i started out with the file browser.

now i’m trying to install Windows XP x64 for the assets (i could go with Windows XP 32-bit but eh)

Stop putting a swear word on the product key,It will make it invalid. and plus,Can you even stop swearing? If my mom sees your posts swearing,she will make me grounded.

Plus,your Firefox is outdated,You must upgrade with the latest version possible.

The Latest version still supports Windows 7.

This is the internet, I can swear as much as I can. Also it is so childish to not like swear words…

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The Internet isnt a place where a person like you can swear as much as a person can. Christians hate swearing,i am a christian. so stop thinking of that easily!

drop religion, that is simple.

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Are you serious? My parents will be mad at me if i drop my religion.

religion is just lies thrown to people to make them feel less powerful.

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