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jesus christ leo

if you go look at the screenshot, you can see that the nightly icon is there.

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Woah,It did not use a outdated version at all?

At first i thought it was outdated due to the use of the old firefox icon.

but after you show me this thing. I think this is updated.

Not to start some drama but:
You know you can literally change the icon of programs on almost every single operating system in the universe (specifically Windows, macOS and Linux)

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I was mistaken at the time. because i thought it was running a older version of firefox (Maybe 2.0 to 22)

I am also aiming for a XP like setup. It is work in progress tho.

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accidentally broke media player so now i have winamp



well again you could theme Pale Moon to look like Firefox 2/3

(i did some inspect element to add the Firefox logo to the start page btw, you might be able to fully apply it if you find out how to change the Start Pages logo on old Firefox versions

tried to get WMP 10

i wouldn’t recommend pale moon whatsoever

  1. main developer of pale moon (moonchild) is hostile and took down mypal, a fork of pale moon
  2. based on ancient codebase of firefox
  3. doesn’t fully support CSS3 compared to current versions of Firefox and Chrome, sites may not look correct
  4. security risks
  5. javascript makes pale moon slow down

if the only reason for using pale moon is for the classic theming engine(?), then I’d recommend you ethier fiddle with Firefox‘s userchrome.css or you wait until Seamonkey finally gets an updated version of Gecko (discord looks broken on latest version of seamonkey due to over-engineered css math and the issue got fixed in an ALPHA BUILD of the next version)

do the latest nighties of seamonkey support webextensions (modern firefox extensions)?

you forgotten one
DRM content (E.G Disney+) doesn’t play.


true 8.0 moment

true vista sp2 moment

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polish language?

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no i don’t think so

Mypal is illegal according to Pale Moon. Mypal tries to make a web browser for windows xp+ using the goanna engine.

but isn’t the goanna engine open source
yeah he’s just being overprotective over his software

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and the mpl license allows for forks, even if you don’t like their changes

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ah yes

my least favorite developer, pale moon.