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Your copy of The Sims is Pirated

i only even have a pirated copy of the sims 3 since when i reinstalled windows 7 back when i was using that old shitty pc, origin didn’t wanted to install.

also my sims 2 install is 100% legit as it has origin DRM.

The Copy of your The sims 3 is pirated,Remove it if you can because you would want someone to see your game and thinking it is pirated and ended up calling the police and you would be imprisoned.

pretty sure pirating a game from 2009 that EA doesn’t even support anymore (aside from a buggy-ass mac-only 64-bit port that was made last year) isn’t the same thing as stealing a million bucks, EA has enough profit from the sims 4 and it’s 8 gazillion packs.

This time,Get Origin using the offline setup,The error message that appears in your video,says that you need to go to the offline setup to download Origin even if you are offline or you have a wifi connection.

fun fact: this issue happens when you don’t have a certain windows 7 update installed, which i already fixed. stop taking things literally.

Do you really think it is true?

can you afford paying every single pack created in the sims franchaise? no?


So you use Putty? Cool!

and he use WinSCP so what cool too

Layer:03 - Psyche

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where is your start button


doesn’t that say 8.1???
it should have a button

4k quality

Yea because I have a server (my old laptop)

Yes for my server (my laptop) and for other stuff too

Servers are only business,Why are you making in home?