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Using Vista today is completely fine if you install the Server 2008 updates on it:

Well, that if you don’t need the latest and greatest version of everything…


i dont care about everthing new , in reality i like older version


this laptop can run XP (even the damn 64 bit version) and im trying to get 2000 too


great , because i love the 64-bit version


Intel Core 2 duo 2.9 GHz
MSI GeForce GT 710
250 * 2 HDD
Windows 8.1 X Linux Mint 18.x


Did that laptop originally come with Windows 10 or 8.1 installed but you just changed it to Vista?


It came with Windows 7 Pro but i downgraded to Vista and got all the drivers for it from the DriverStore, they are pretty much the same thing except for the Ethernet controller which i got drivers from intel’s website



HyperX Cloud Core? lul




This is my laptop (A Canaima governement laptop that is gifted to public school students in Venezuela) mine is a very old one, this pic is from Google, cause i don’t have one of my Canaima, mine one is the blue, eniweys here’s da pic:


Wait, what?? There was a computer called “Magalhães” exactly the same here in Portugal! (and yeah, it was used for schools…)


And in my country the government distributed netbooks to secondary schools under the “Conectar Igualdad” program. I don’t have one cause I go to a private secondary school, but there were so cool! One of my cousins has one.


The Venezuelan governement made business with Portugal to distribute the Magalhaes PCs under the name of Canaima, or well that was in the start, because now VIT (Venezolana de Industria Tecnológica) makes the newest Canaima models


upd: OS: Windows 10 Home N





LG 15U340


that computer is cute


mmmmh, ultrabook


no a ultrabook is a normal notebook