Share your computers!


Not desktops put computers :stuck_out_tongue:


Computer is a general term for both desktops and laptops, so…?




Photos of them, or specs?




Dell Latitude E7270
One of the best laptop version of Dell


LG 22V24


HP 15-f019dx


Sony Vaio VPC-F21Z1E/BI 3D



My laptop resides on a messy desk plugged into a a cheap TV that sits on top of an old Blu-Ray player I’ll probably never use. That extra keyboard’s for my Raspberry Pi, which I have absolutely no idea what to do with.


Nyeh, I set up the computer with separate parts (AOC monitor, C3 Tech keyboard, and a branded mouse that I can not even remember :P)




I use a simple laptop. I want to connect another monitor xD


That computer looks beautiful. I was planning to get a gaming desktop like that but I bought an Xbox One because it was cheaper.


For PC you pay more, but you also can do more stuff


and it will be slow more faster ( note : JOKE )


Share your computers
No: “Show your battlestations!!”

You disappoint me… a

Also, rate me m8


3 HP computers , lol


why would you need 3 computers??