[Server Overloaded, Crashed]Can't connect, This time error 81000306 and sometime 800701f6


Could it be that everyone is trying to log on at the same time, probably it could be why it goes from 4xx to 0 back to 4xx, probably no one is logged on but its registering all the users who are trying to log on as users online.


The main Server is also down.
The one called m1.escargot.log1p.xyz


I’m just gonna time out, aren’t I?


Yh this could be due to the following reasons:

Its in downtime
It crashed or is having issues
They are updating the server
Too many people are logging in at the same time causing this 4xx to 0 to 4xx and downtime
The servers are just very unstable atm


And also It’s taking a long time to load.




Now it’s 468 Online.


Yeah I see that too


Now it’s 457 Online


Im in


I have managed to get in some how


It’s working


Yup it seems to be working


I’m in!



also im in


Yeah, it’s worked now.


Yh seems like the servers have come back up, anyone wanna add me lol im eduardomoreira.london@gmail.com


I guess this topic can be closed as its working.


Well, I going to closed it now.