[Server Overloaded, Crashed]Can't connect, This time error 81000306 and sometime 800701f6

Well it seems the server is down then, guess they are either updating their servers or it has issues. Its best to give it a while

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I will keep pinging the Escargot Server using IE.
This IP: ebyrdromegactcsmsn.log1p.xyz
To check see if it’s work.

I smell DDoSing.

It might not be a DDoS, it could either be downtime, issues or updates. If it is a DDoS then this is a problem.

It’s appear it’s down, And IE will search instead to navigating this site:
But my another PC show error 502 Bad Gateway instead

Dude, it’s not an IP. It’s a site.

okay. just a little mistake anyway.

Okay I got this message again

Okay wtf lol image

Well yeah, But the Stats (The list of MSN version) is Not Refreshing.

Yh ik but its weird how its jumping from 400 to 0

yeah, Like sometime 4xx to 0 and again 4xx to 0…, again and again…

Yeah, those users might not be real users, it could be test users or bots created for testing the servers for an update or the server is down and it could be real users but the server is taking long to realize that no one can log on.


And we are back down to 0 again image

Or a Status become unknown it’s could won’t know that is 400 or etc…


Me too.

At this rate, its safe to say the servers are unstable atm or updating. I’m gonna keep checking tho

Here we go again

Yeah, me too.
And It’s still won’t connect.