[Server Overloaded, Crashed]Can't connect, This time error 81000306 and sometime 800701f6

(And yes, 165 Replies in just 1/2 day[s])

Update: Server overload and issues fixed, Next Time not try to login at sametime or it’s will break.

Problem description:
I trying to connect but sometime works, and it’s doesn’t work again.

Error code/error message:

During this it’s also show a different message other than 81000306, it’s 800701f6

What has been tried so far:
Tried to connect on another computer, but failed too.
Screenshot of another PC:

I also try to use Chrome and connect ebyrdromegactcsmsn.log1p.xyz and it’s take forever (30 Minutes to connect and finally show 404 error:)

But tried connect after 404, It’s still doesn’t work, It’s show a same message again.
Messenger version:
Both computer install WLM 8.5
Windows version:

  1. PC is Windows 7
  2. Laptop is Windows 8.1
    (All of the screenshot are not Windows 8 Release Preview.)

For some reason, the server overloaded, Login at sametime might have this issues.

mee too now this error

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It’s must be Escargot Server or high ping…

It apparently has to do with the server being overloaded.

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Same i cant connect either

Now it’s show 0 Online

Yup it says 0 online, something is either wrong or they are updating the servers for something

It’s first happened to me, and I never seen of this error from yet.
edit: it’s back to 495 Online But still doesn’t work for me, probably lags.

Probably no one is actually online, they could be testing the servers for WLM 9 or the servers could have timed out

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it’s must be this… probably now they testing or it’s overloaded and server doesn’t responding.

Yh, I guess we should give it time

Yh, I will keep trying to connect, the server still 495 online.

Same, im keeping my eye on it and im checking the site to for any updates

It has dropped back down to 0 again

Yeah, The server become unstable…

i am still connected

Try logging out and logging back in

This time I got a Different Error Message:

The error is 800701f6, It’s not 01000306 anymore.

I Have the same error for some reason server is down

for me it’s down, Both of my PC can’t connect either.