Escargot Games is the newest project outta 2017, original and the feature people searched for months…
Yes, a bit of games on MSN got released thanks to the pal @yellows111 and me, that we worked hard for MONTHS without telling anyone.

What are you waiting for? GET FUN!™


BUG: The games may not work with WLM 8.5 due to lacking support of msgrp2p.xml.
SOLUTION: Use WLM 8.1 or older version (older versions = 6.2 and up)

Don’t go in the website to go to download the .xml, because it doesn’t work anymore.
Instead, use this .xml, in English.
msgrp2p.zip (0,5 MB)




Thanks! :astonished:

Fix for 8.5 is posible in the future?

that would need a actual server update, and since we run off the msgrp2p.xml system, you will have to wait until the Games are actually officially released to escargot, Games and Activities (7.0 and up), or Launch Site (MSN 6), will work, this will not be a short wait at all, it will be quite long, and painful… actually, the menus and games are done, but only 2 apps would be a disappointment, so we need more apps to make people happy, then the update may release, i’m not sure…

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how i do this ?

Messenger Version?

and Language?


… And Messenger Language?

Games doesnt work for me

games is working for me now

the game list is always unvaliable im using wlm 8.1

only Works in 7.5 ( i guess )

In 8.1 works, but in 8.5 don’t work.

ik im using 8.1

well in my 7.5 is working great too

can we talk on msn?

Yep, rio234oas@hotmail.com.

add me santivanegas@live.com

i dont see u online