you have to open it in actions menu

Restart you Messenger.

man i know im more older than you ok?

Not working in WLM 7.0, 8.1, 8.5 in spanish

A Special version of the downloadable (msgrp2p.xml) file is required for spanish users, to get one, please contact me (yellows111@winmessenger47.escargot).

Add me prueba14@hotmail.com

added you, i am “yellows111 on Messenger 4.7 7.5”

website is down

The site is “sleeping”, because host is free.

what does host is free mean?

Just to push users to paid host, they set a time for the site to go offline.

now it just doesn’t exist at all, not even a nag message, just a 404.

thats dumb it should be online 24/7 for users everywhere to use

its sleepy for 1 hour dont worry

it’s not the game server anyway, that’s the download page.

Spanish version: msgrp2p_es.zip (610 Bytes)

Um hello!, im GreenLuigi, and i have Escargot WLN 8.1 and Escargot MSM 7.5 in spanish, i was trying the escargot games on those two, but no one worked, i need the spanish version if i have a spanish msm?

still doesnt work.

yes but they dont show on games list press alt + a and select tic tac toe (note the other contact need to have tic tac toe xml to accept invitation)