Ruin a Wish

Granted, but you love leafy from BFB ships
i wish i could live.

granted, but you need to become a bird
i wish i can escape torture

Granted, but you like rule 34 (recommended by englishdgsdgsdhugfhdfg)
i wish i could ban rule 34

Granted. By definition, this means all porn is banned, even stuff people enjoyed. GOOD JOB.

I wish for a cool wig.

Granted, but its infested with spiders
i wish i had a gaming rig

Granted, but you need to say, hello im a taco in french
i wish that i meet the entire homestuck cast

Granted. This includes LE, and you become dead.

I wish for instant-delivery fast food.

Bonjour, je suis un taco.

Granted, but its rotten
i wish i can fly

Your wish is granted, but you explode
i wish i was immortal

i mean ET404

granted but you have to sit down every tine
i wish that people stopped liking object shows

Granted, but you have to stop whining about it
i wish you can learn grammar

Granted, but you now like fireafy ship
i wish i could kill LE without being sucked up by BH

this was the reply to that kthanksbyemoo


i use a phone

Granted, but LE is the short for Let’s Encrypt and you have destroyed hundreds of thousands of HTTPS certificates
i wish I could freeze time
Delete the below post

Granted, but you are forced to play csgo
i wish i can

Granted, but you can’t
i wish … that lord english was a dumb idiot so i could kill him easier

granted but you have to wait
i wish that this phone has a better keyboaed

granted but no.
i wish a wish