Ruin a Wish

Welcome to Ruin-a-Wish, because One Word Story didn’t work. Here is how the game goes:

  1. Person A says a wish. (for example, “I wish I can fly”)
  2. Person B ruins it by granting it with a catch (for example, “Granted, but you get back pain every time you do so”)
    3.Person B says a wish (in the same post)
    4.Person C or A ruins it and wishes for something else, and so on.
    Here’s an example in case you need that:

Person A: I wish I can fly

Person B: Granted, but you get back pain every time you do so
Person B: I wish I could teleport

Person C: Granted, but you get a ton of farts at your destination.
Person C: I wish…

I’ll start:
I wish I could teleport all dust out of my room at once at any time.

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granted, but the vacuum explodes every time you try to get rid of the dust with it
i wish i can eat taco bell without getting the big shits

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Granted, but all food from there immediately flies over to the toilet the moment you touch it.

I wish I could have a supercomputer.

Granted, but ur now trans

i wish i could kill maxime!

Hey, stop breaking the chain. Pretend this and the above don’t exist and continue on.

Granted, but you are forced to run gentoo
i wish i can eat a sponge

Granted, but you have to read homestuck

i wish i was really vriska.

Granted, but you have to worship miku
i wish i can trim dirt without getting it on my pants

miku is a goddess… now can i get my wish?

dont break the chain kthanks luckily i like homestuck so :confused:

Granted, but you get sand now! Teleported fresh from your nearest beaches.
I wish I could fly in place.

Granted, but you have to shove a clarient up your ass to do so
i wish i can swim in lava without getting melted

granted, 8ut you have to h8 fanny from bfb
i wish i had a n 64

Granted, but your whole computer will be fried when trying to run any games
i wish i can have a computer runing windows vista

Granted, 8ut solitaire will crash vista,
i wish i could meet callie from splatoon.

Granted, but the wii u you teleport into will overheat every 5 seconds
i wish i can ascend into the sky and dominate the world

Granted, 8ut you need to marry kanaya.
i wish that i wish

Granted, but you are forced to wish that you can wish while wishing you can wish
i wish i can eat water

Granted, but now you need to drink food
i wish that i wish that i really wished to wish to wish something that i wish

granted, but you need to stop existing on earth
i wish i can shove a rock into a pigeon egg