Reviving GFWL Marketplace

I have a question can escargot revive games for windows marketplace. I know its entirely different tha live messenger. But if escargot can make a patch that changes
I think this will make marketplace available at least downloading purchased games. Because Microsoft stated that purchased games will be available to download on marketplace but when you login it says
" can’t retrieve purchase history" sometimes even you can’t login because of error code 80070005.
Escargot needs to revive.

see the post below

We won’t be doing this, period. It’s way too far off our goals (we only focus on IM and chat protocols) and it’d take a lot more than a webpage snapshot to save it, which we probably wouldn’t afford.

BTW don’t mind that EpicTaco guy. All I can say is he isn’t involved with the development of Escargot in any way and tries to say things as if he were to come off as reputable. I don’t mind people outside the Escargot team trying to help others users, but he just comes off as trying too hard and sometimes he even gives out incorrect information. Just want to be transparent about that.

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ok i get that i dont completely understand everything. BUT YOU DONT NEED TO PUBLICILY SHAME PEOPLE ABOUT YOU INCOHERIENT FUCK

I wasn’t shaming you about it. I don’t even care that you’re trying to help. What I care about however is that from the tone of your posts you end up coming across as if you’re even slightly involved with development even though you aren’t really. I’d rather point that out publicly than have a bunch of people blindly listen to some random person that sounds like they know how Escargot works and possibly mess up their computers from inaccurate advice (a stretch, I know, but you should get my point by now). Don’t take it personally, I just care about the people getting the right information and not being potentially turned off from Escargot because of inaccurate information.



OK I honestly think you’re missing my point. All I’m saying is try not to act like you 100% know the facts and quirks of Escargot when you only know what people from the actual project have put out (me included lol).



Thanks for the reply but i want to know can it be revived in future or by another group?
(i know u guys are busy for WLM 2009 support)

based on what kirk said, he isnt doing it

It’s not that I’m not doing it. No one on Escargot will, and not for the foreseeable future. As I said before:

everyone knows you’re the worst at explaining and reacting to shit

tbh epictaco is predictable, if he wants to help someone, he tries to be too helpful but he ends up being too vague, or he sends vague infomation like “we need to reverse engineer this” or “maybe kirk can revive it”. or, anything else, he just says… “ok”.

i’d rather kill myself then rather to ATTEMPT to even touch/create a line of code for a GFWL revival.


Games for Windows Live sucked back in the day, its been dead for a long, long, time. STEAM is better than GFWL

why are all valve products good?

Time and effort, thats why HL ALYX took ages to develop.

yeah it only took them 16 years since HL 2 came out

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