Request to use custom sound options

Problem description:
I want to use the custom sound option to use my own made custome sound clips however the server is not online anymore has not been for sometime but would like to - custom sounds cannot work on their own right now as the servers are offline. You could ask developers in the community to patch the Messenger Plus! DLLs to use a new, different server.
Error code/error message:
does not work as offline server
What has been tried so far:
Messenger version:
Windows version:
windows 7

Actually, someone DID patch the Plus! DLL for this. They go under the name @tristanleboss. Here is their thread containing the patched Plus! sounds DLL: Quick Patch for Messenger Plus! v3 and v4 Sounds.

Enjoy. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh wow Thank you very much!!!

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Very welcome. :wink:

Did they happen to change it in Visual studio?

Just a simple URL patch in a hex editor. :stuck_out_tongue:

ok so who or what is hosting the URL ?

@valtron is, since it’s being hosted where the Escargot server is. :stuck_out_tongue: