Refreshed and updated my own MSN server

Hi Peepz,

After a time of downtime, I recently upgraded my MSN server, it now support games.
I’m currently actively working on new games (Currently got 2 games Scissors and tic tac toe.

Currently i have everything working, except for privacy settings and the reverse list is empty (Not a problem for chatting).
Filetransfer is tested and working etc.

The server is made using C#/ASP.NET Core and RabbitMQ.

The server and a patched client are available at
The website currently support creating of account and reset of password.

MSN patching is done through the help of: valtron’s/Escargot’s msidcrl.dll

Further work will be done on creating a Mobile client.
Me myself am available as:

Game sample:

For older versions:

Note: For MSN 2.0 login you can now login on website, to set a MSN 2.0 password.

So if anyone is interested in helping hit me up!

Kind regards,


i use windows xp. so i can patch windows messenger for this server and msn messenger 7.5 for escargot

Hmm i currently have not tested yet the old versions after the patch.
You could try patching with “”
Hit my up if there are any problems I will try to resolve them asap

yeah it uses msnp8 so it might work

congrats for your should team up with the escargot developer team to contribute to the support of more msnp like 18 which is by the way completed but not yet implemented.also what about msnp21,classic games etc.

I’m not a python guy myself, so i’m trying to make a second option.
With features like a PWA-app and things.

Been a while since I’ve seen you post anything about your server for the two years it’s been announced. During those two years I became a member and experienced all the wild rides this forum had to offer. Needless to say I’m not an active member anymore because I don’t really enjoy it here anymore, but it’s nice to see a veteran pop back up and provide something useful here, MSN server or not. :slight_smile:

Anyway, I’m curious about how you got the Activities feature working. Was this before or after Escargot supported that? :stuck_out_tongue:

Also nice to see you’re making new games for it too. Wish others did that with Escargot. Cute rock, btw. :stuck_out_tongue:


It was after Escargot support that, just started again worked a bit using the specs I found at some strange Russian forum… :stuck_out_tongue:
And the calls read a bit up on in the forums, to get a general idea where to start: and worked from there.
My idea is to create an emulator to test new games, and a portal where you can submit them.
For that i’m currently working on implementing the SOAP calls properly, using the SOAP service.

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nice to see you back after about two years, no offense!

Something is not right…

I also can’t download the Client image

Captcha is solved (moved domain forgot to add it to captcha domains), I cant reproduce the download issue.

just upload the installer in

rant rant war war

but it downloads fine here :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah just upload the installer to something


WLM2009 when?

when 2.0 releases

For now my focus is on a bit more stability and games, when that is done I will put some effort in decoupling so I can support multiple protocols and such.