i thought he was talking about some “[insert time here] later” thing lol


It’s ussaly after a week later. Also someone should ask Trekie to close this thread down.


FRICK IT, make a game on the website.
really, go do it.


i was a guest


what site?


go to reply 4 for the website.


just because you create it on the site doesnt mean anyone can join
you need to port forward


Yes, ‘cause it’s like fuckin’ Ashley’s MSN server.


I KNOW. jeez, these are questions THAT I ALREADY KNOW!!!1111!!!1111111. that stupid command that you have to do does not work on 1.16.2.

that command appears when you make a game but… OH NOES IT NUT DUN!!!111!111!!1!!!1111!!! so ptu tios strupid cmd ion that cmd cetre aond pyu stupdn cmd!, yea. that’s how it goes in a nutshell.


talk english


it’s an N U T S H E L L of something that is stupid.


so when you create a game it tells you how to host a server.