Game:2009 Sword Fights on the Heights.
Server Port (you need to add/save it): 53640
Server IP (you also need to add/save it): localhost
Download: go to gamejolt and search RBX and then it will appear.
Version: RBXLegacy 1.16.2 <- for xp and lower
RBXLegacy 1.8.1 <- for vista and higher



Wont work, are you stupid?


Localhost is if you want to play with yourself.

You’ll have to port-forward. Also messengergeek doesn’t have a old roblox community that is large enough.


Bruh, this shit is like the Ashley’s MSN server of Roblox.


i don’t want this to an shithole because of that


frick it, go to rbxl.000webhostapp.com or go on youtube and find how to join me right.


make your game


i stared the server
even knowing no people can join
except me


If you really want to play old roblox with people, go to finobe.


im 7


who cares about that 13+ thing


No one. I’ve seem some 6 year olds on YouTube and i saw someone very young on Tik Tok that had Paw Patrol in the background.


Roblox is a game for 5 year olds looooooooool


Ummm… Not really. It is meant for everyone to play, although it is true that it is mostly played by kids in an early age.


ok and?


Old Roblox is for kids that say

And he does not have any old Roblox nostalgia.


i really dont care

| Session Start: 2019 m. January 20.                                 |
| Participants:                                                      |
|    icanttellyou (icanttellyou@got.account)                         |
|    meek@email.com (meek@email.com)                                 |
[20:38:27] meek@email.c: i got wlm 8.1 working in xp
[20:39:21] meek@email.c: LOL
[20:41:14] * meek@email.com has changed his/her name to howell2006
[20:41:14] * howell2006 has changed his/her personal message to 2000
           2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006!
[20:53:19] howell2006: (pl)
[21:09:04] icanttellyou: complete that 13kb thing
[21:09:26] howell2006: what
[21:09:32] icanttellyou: that large one
[21:09:39] icanttellyou: that says 13kb
[21:21:44] You have successfully received C:\Users\laptop\Documents\My
           Received Files\RobloxScreenShot01182019_120603518.jpg from
[21:23:17] icanttellyou: *link*
[21:23:18] icanttellyou: here
[21:23:24] icanttellyou: have some old roblox
[21:23:41] howell2006: im 7
[21:23:51] howell2006: i can't play finboe
[21:23:56] icanttellyou: ok then

He clearly sends me a photo of RBXLegacy’s 2010 client playing Retro Flood Escape.




i played roplox when i waz 2 (2013)
I WUNT MEH NOSTALGIA SU PLZ U SAY THET OMGF U BUSTURD U SUCK ASS hahahhahha but really i did play roblox in 2013 and i was in work in a pizza place and i was a guest back in 2013