Game:2009 Sword Fights on the Heights.
Server Port (you need to add/save it): 53640
Server IP (you also need to add/save it): localhost
Download: go to gamejolt and search RBX and then it will appear.
Version: RBXLegacy 1.16.2 <- for xp and lower
RBXLegacy 1.8.1 <- for vista and higher


Wont work, are you stupid?


Localhost is if you want to play with yourself.

You’ll have to port-forward. Also messengergeek doesn’t have a old roblox community that is large enough.


Bruh, this shit is like the Ashley’s MSN server of Roblox.

i don’t want this to an shithole because of that

frick it, go to rbxl.000webhostapp.com or go on youtube and find how to join me right.

make your game

i stared the server
even knowing no people can join
except me

If you really want to play old roblox with people, go to finobe.

im 7

who cares about that 13+ thing

No one. I’ve seem some 6 year olds on YouTube and i saw someone very young on Tik Tok that had Paw Patrol in the background.

Roblox is a game for 5 year olds looooooooool

Ummm… Not really. It is meant for everyone to play, although it is true that it is mostly played by kids in an early age.

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ok and?

Old Roblox is for kids that say

And he does not have any old Roblox nostalgia.

i really dont care

| Session Start: 2019 m. January 20.                                 |
| Participants:                                                      |
|    icanttellyou (icanttellyou@got.account)                         |
|    meek@email.com (meek@email.com)                                 |
[20:38:27] meek@email.c: i got wlm 8.1 working in xp
[20:39:21] meek@email.c: LOL
[20:41:14] * meek@email.com has changed his/her name to howell2006
[20:41:14] * howell2006 has changed his/her personal message to 2000
           2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006!
[20:53:19] howell2006: (pl)
[21:09:04] icanttellyou: complete that 13kb thing
[21:09:26] howell2006: what
[21:09:32] icanttellyou: that large one
[21:09:39] icanttellyou: that says 13kb
[21:21:44] You have successfully received C:\Users\laptop\Documents\My
           Received Files\RobloxScreenShot01182019_120603518.jpg from
[21:23:17] icanttellyou: *link*
[21:23:18] icanttellyou: here
[21:23:24] icanttellyou: have some old roblox
[21:23:41] howell2006: im 7
[21:23:51] howell2006: i can't play finboe
[21:23:56] icanttellyou: ok then

He clearly sends me a photo of RBXLegacy’s 2010 client playing Retro Flood Escape.


i played roplox when i waz 2 (2013)
I WUNT MEH NOSTALGIA SU PLZ U SAY THET OMGF U BUSTURD U SUCK ASS hahahhahha but really i did play roblox in 2013 and i was in work in a pizza place and i was a guest back in 2013