i think i saw an oDeR and idk after that all i remember is that there were alot of people in work at a pizza place and i played roblox back in 2013 and i was a guest.


Are you on crack or what?


do you think anyone cares? (to wlmkid not you nojus)


2 years old playing a online game? that’s pretty hard to believe


Hey WLMkid, what’s your roblox username?


i have alot of accounts, some that i don’t even remember! so heres them! sonic_mikael<- my first account -> backrods my latest account


Why did you made several accounts?




You joined in Late-2016, But accoroding to you.

I’m guessing that you’ve started playing Roblox between when DanTDM started playing Roblox and mid-2016.

Also, You’ve stated that you’re 7 years old, It means that you were born between 2012 and 2013. You played Roblox when you were a baby?




could yall stop harassing mikael? yall might not give a shit about him, but nobody gives a shit about my King posts yet I don’t get harassed.


You’re trying to advertise your King stuff?





It’s true, nobody cares about it outside of maybe Kirk and a few friends, but like, if I wanted to advertise it. I’d keep bumping the thread.


Is there a way to contact you private appledoo?
Discord or something like this?


why would you need to private msg him


Ok who bumped it?


It was Mike, I don’t think bumping is useful,

@MikeX There’s a feature on MessengerGeek that allows you to make a post.


there was no bump smh


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