R.I.P MSG+ 3.x and 4.x soundpatch and Escargot Autopatcher

They have been removed from the downloads page.

i have it

and why???

go into the news on the website

bly**! i have some of it

MsgPlus3_SoundPatch (2).exe (3,2 Mo) Escargot-Autopatcher-1.2 (1).exe (45,5 Ko)

wait i will get the msg4 one

it. was. removed. from. the. downloads. you. fucking. forkie.

i downloaded it you fucking dumb

MsgPlusLive_patch.zip (1,5 Mo)

woah there
calm down

I’m pretty sure they were removed for a reason.

The Plus 3 sound patch and Autopatcher were removed because they’ve been outdated for a while. The Plus 3 patch was made to use different servers that no longer exists, and Autopatcher only ever works properly with MSN versions up to 7.0 and won’t work with any other versions. The Plus Live sound patch was removed however simply because it doesn’t come with proper instructions and I was notified of a case where someone had installed it in the wrong directory due to that, which made me realize that it could cause further complications with people that have no idea how to place that patch (it and the instructions are on here, but not everyone knows about the forum).

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dude, chill the fuck out. no need to be edgy. im just telling you that you cant download them off the escargot website anymore

dylan: insults someone
shadow: responds in much the same way


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also why are you using my irl name xd

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i use people’s real names on the internet sometimes, idk why

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To be fair I was never able to get the autopatcher to work, it would always spew the “THIS VERSION CAN’T BE PATCHED” or whatever message even on versions below 7.0. besides most people download the prepatched msi’s

and for the soundpatch, i’ve never used and don’t even know what it does so not making a comment !