Programs for the Ultimate/Typical Early 2010s Windows 7 System

It’s Been a While that i started using a Virtual Machine with Windows 7 on it.
I Already installed Firefox (latest version, cause firefox is nice and supports it til september of 2024 yay), escargot and winamp alongside a skin to match.

Here’s a Screenshot of how’s the machine now.

But i feel that its a bit empty in there… anyone could reccomend some good stuff that are based around the era win7 was popular (that still works today or is revived) and some new programs?

Although there is a limitation:

  • Games Doesnt work on the VM as my Virtualbox version (in my case) has problems related to 3d acceleration, where the audio glitches out.

And unfortunately, i dont know how to fix it, but this this another topic for another day.

In The End, i’m making this as a nostalgia machine, so i can experience a era alot of people that are here has this as their reason, like me.

Any help, suggestion, and program reccomendation is appreciated!
MarceloGT, Sep. 11th 2023.

Update! December 27th, 2023:
The Project is over, thanks for all the help over the months! it was fun discovering this forum while i had fun with the vm, now i moved on to a different project, two vms! yes, two! More info is over here: Moving from the win 7 nostalgia pc… to two VMs!
Thank You for the Help, once Again, and have a nice 2024!

you should install deskbot
if you dont know, its like a microsoft agent application where its on your screen, telling you the time, making them speak, etc, its like bonzibuddy but harmless which dosent give you spyware

you can install a program like ICQ or smth, but unfortunately the 6.5 won’t work tho so it won’t match with the era

(Possibly) MS Office 2007/ 2010
(Possibly) A few older Windows applications

Also, do anyone know about Daemon tools lite back in 2016?

To nico: ICQ is nice, although i already have escargot as mentioned above.
To woodland: I Have winamp, although nice idea of searching for some windows apps from the era (kind of ironic i requested certain applications or programs that would be useful, and you gave me “few older windows programs” like bruh idk what apps i use that are from the era (thats why this post exist) :skull:)

btw i didnt use the quote thingy cause idk how to use it.

what about me
install deskbot

nice idea! I’ll add it to my pc.
Btw, always check this reply to see if i decided to use your reccomendation.

  • Deskbot (kikoabdou)
  • Winzip (NicoDM)
  • Windows Live Essentials 2009 (ranvir)
  • Freemake programs (NicoDM)
  • NERO 9 (NicoDM)
  • Simplix UpdatePack 7 (alzcore397) [although is new, is high reccomended for me cause it a very important hotfix for windows 7 cause as you may know, win7 support ended in 2022.]
  • Emulator for win mobile 6.1 (kikoabdou)
  • Windows 7 Gadgets (Ranvir and NicoDM)

maybe Winzip
maybe daemon tools lite
maybe Prntscr (just because it’s old, because I wouldn’t recommend much if personal use)
or maybe even Freemake thing

I mean like apps made for older versions of windows (Like XP or something), I can’t think of any specifics
and to quote, just highlight a text, and a quote button should appear

windoows live essentials 2009 beacuse you have windows live messenger 2009

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Oh yeah…
Isn’t Windows Live Mail still working today?

It’s just available on the Desktop version, but you can select a specific word then click at Quote

Thanks for the tips!


after you got deskbot
try NINA (a yahoo messenger revival, but planning to add other stuff like AOL)

Unfortunately I can’t try out NINA because I can’t access the alpha test by donating for now

maybe ignore nina
i have a better app
icq 5.1 (kicq)

see what i said to him kiko?
you may not understand, but the reason why i didnt choose kicq is because if i had two or more messaging services would get me fillen up with notifications of messages from both escargot and KICQ, and that messes up my head and etc. so that’s the reason why, nico and kikoabdou.

Maybe not WinZIP because it is free trial, but all of these apps actually used to be popular back in early 2010s, so I guess it should work

but here’s to mention that can’t download copyrighted videos, but it used to always appear in 2013 videos for instance so I thought why not

About WinZIP: then 7zip could be a good alternative?
About freemake: that’s good, cause alot of popular sites of downloading videos or music, dont do that (while free copycats do that), if they accepted, well lawsuit and probably freemake could have got put 6 feet below ground by the organizations who own the rights.