Programs for the Ultimate/Typical Early 2010s Windows 7 System

well they mention at the own website so maybe

for the personal use for file extraction, maybe 7-zip would work too, since WinZIP has a real free trial expiration

oh w8 i forgor that i already have 7zip :skull:


honestly I didn’t expected it to be that old :skull:

been 12 years ago since this thing got popular

Also it’s not really necessary to put it on your VM since DVD apps are useless on it

OH but if you just want to add it for nostalgic purposes, then use NERO 9 instead (Trial version is enough)

update your outdated win7 system

is this a new software or software from the era?

Although this is interesting, cause it looks like its made to fix windows 7 for computers who cant upgrade to win 10.

new but provides all of the updates

you should install reskype (SPOIL: you need a microsoft account to use reskype)

remember what i said about KICQ? it doesnt just apply to this messaging service, it applies to ALL of them.
so, i’ll only focus on escargot, this forum and on my Real PC, discord.

i know this forum is to talk about revived messaging services, but also various (mostly 2000s/early 2010s) stuff in the technology world. so…

im seriously obsessed with nostolgia
but try installing utorrent or bittorrent

already have qbittorrent
yes same lol

(shitty old post: idk what to install then @_@)
nvm i know it, you should install windows mobile 6.1 emulators

okay then

Windows Live Movie Maker and 3D Cadet Pinball because why not ig

isnt live movie maker in essentials '09?

Yes, it is.

well, then its already there cause i installed already essentials '09.

Oh nice, maybe you could make it to the Desktop

add some gagets