Problem executing portable version of pre-patched MSN 7.5.0324

Everytime as I open msnmsgr.exe it gives me the following error window here
It’s in Italian but it’s really simple to translate it to you:

The following error caused the closure of MSN Messenger: Insufficent memory to complete the operation.

I absoutely don’t know what could cause it, I hope I will get some help ç_ç

I also wil specify I use the Italian portable pre-patched version found here (# MSN Messenger in other languages + Patched Portable versions. (Only 7.5 and 7.0)) and I also have WLM14 installed on my PC

The portable versions have been removed due to changes related to version 7.5 requiring some extra procedures to work again. So I removed the portable versions of msn 7.5.

I’m running out of time to repack again with the necessary changes, but try this updated version that I’ve assembled here for you now.!4026&authkey=!AEiMGs5vi57rqQo

me add no msn, Abraços

Thank you for giving attention to my problem, I just tried it (I went bed yesterday just after sending the thread), sadly it gives me the same error and acts the same way ;^;


Well, what machine configuration are you using? (OS, RAM)

My OS is Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 and I’ve got 4GB of RAM.

Perfect configuration for using MSN 7.5.

@TReKiE @valtron @tristanleboss
Take a look at this, what could cause this error?

Probably a problem with its windows installation or incompatibility with a program installed on the system. There is unfortunately nothing we can do.

The only thing I would try is removing WLM but I don’t think it will help.

The best thing to do would be to reinstall Windows.

I tested on another user and gave me the same problem, I will try on another PC and tell you the results.

I just tested it, the software works on my other PC, which also has an installation of WLM14 too, so I would exclude that being the cause of the problem, but I still wonder what the problem could be.

(By the way, logging in to MSN after all this time was almost magical to me, I’m so glad this project exist!)

Yes, that’s why I said there is not much we can do. Something is messed up on your PC. Only a reinstallation of Windows will solve the problem.