Poll: What about a Old Yahoo! Messenger server?


and that’s no dang lie… i’m pulling my hair out right now trying to understand some of the more intricate workings of OSCAR that have not been properly documented for my AIM server… and pidgin behaves differently than miranda which behaves differently than retail AIM client … and the chase goes on… :sweat:

Once i have AIM Phoenix working well enough I might be interested in trying to build a yahoo server.


yes i cant use Yahoo messenger


is did good:wink:


i need the old yahoo Messenger back ( for the memories and because the 8 sucks )


maybe later…


who cares about the stupid yahoo/AIM. we only care for MSN.


why are you talking this ? people like others messengers too




shut up pls


alex, does the title say “MSNMESSENGERGEEK”


people only talk of msn here?


btw you sound like a asshole


people get here for information about msn .now some spammers kids that keep constantly like the above making useless post and votes about other clients i have the right to say my opinion.


let people do their shit


yeah yeah whatever


so im the spammer kid? check my posts, when i do useless crap i put it in raw and random.


I see you’re talking about Leo_Historias and the ones who are new to the forum, don’t you? Please do not compare me with those type of users. I’m not a spammer and I’m here since august.


im here since the shutdown of reviver 2


can you remind me when it was?


May or march 18


steering this topic back on track… I did break ground on a yahoo messenger server project today, although progress may not be quite as smooth as AIM because I have yet to find a nice breakdown of the YMSG protocol as has been done with OSCAR.


your a god. makes an aim server together with a yahoo messenger one, holy shit.