Poll: What about a Old Yahoo! Messenger server?

I created this another post: Poll: What about a AOL Instant Messenger server? - #37 by veso266 about AIM, but really, i want Yahoo! Messenger more than AIM, so, what about a server of old Yahoo! Messenger? because this is really needed.

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  • Yes, is really necessary and the people really wants it so much.
  • No, this is only a lost of time, money, and is better stay only in MSN Messenger development.

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Can you tell me details about AIM’s protocol?

It would actually be cool if we could implement this Escargot in AIM, Yahoo and MSN together. So people can choose whatever they want but still can talk to the same people. :slight_smile:


don’t forget if escargot will do that, escargot will literally get shutdown by copyright

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While not using original source code, or modified the original client should not have any copyright problem, since it is an EMULATOR and not a leaked Official Server …
and obviously if there is no intention of profit…

there should be no problems with copyright, except with a system that has already been abandoned/remplaced.


As I said in the server topic for AIM, MSN must first be fully supported in order to think about supporting other messengers and think well about copyright.

what if AIM/YIM gets discontinued?
oh wait, AIM is Discontinuing on 15th of December?, well expect Escargot AIM soon.

@anon50801480 We can do this:

  • A Escargot MSN Messenger Development Team (EMSNMDT)

  • A Escargot AOL Instant Messenger Development Team (EAIMDT)

  • And a Escargot Yahoo! Messenger Development Team (EYAHOOMDT)

And AIM will be discontinued in December of this year :thumbsup:


My god stop asking for more servers everything lives and dies at one point


we need to finish working on all msn versions then all aim versions (if we decided to revive it) thats gonna take awhile because valtron is not back from vacation


It’s not that valtron isn’t back from vacation. He’s taking a break from programming, and therefore Escargot as well.

Motivation is key for large projects like this. Once you lose it, it’s hard to get it back.

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well no one knows when he is gonna be back its been 2 months

Is his knowledge and his development of his Escargot project online somewhere btw? So people can pick it up where he left it?

The github is the main place to pick it up but I don’t know who and when can take over his work. let’s see what happens until then.

we all know, you’re late to the party.

Because the development teams are the best way of creating and developing 2 or more projects at the same time :wink:

lets wait until messenger is finished


I can’t speak for valtron, but I would think that AIM and YIM are outside of the scope of Escargot’s goal, which is to revive MSN. That’s not to say it couldn’t include AIM or YIM or ICQ or whatever down the line, but I wouldn’t expect it, and I certainly wouldn’t expect it soon.

Somebody else might take up the challenge, somebody not here, not involved with Escargot. The people who have a passion for MSN aren’t necessarily the same people who have a passion for other messaging clients, everyone has their favourite.

This stuff takes a lot of work, which takes time and energy, it’s not as simple as “just make one”, it requires much research into protocols, lots of code, troubleshooting, debugging, testing, finding clients, resolving incompatibilities, etc.