Please help me with my WLM Messenger 2009!

Can’t open Messenger 2009, because of this error message. A problem occurred after a forced windows 10 update. I couldn’t log in after the update, an error message said Network failure, I am not connected to service. Code: 80048820. I had no problem with the log in before the update. I did the whole patching process again, uninstalled and installed Messenger again, but nothing worked. MSN still wanted to connect to Live service. Nothing blocked Messenger in my OP system. It didn’t work even without Messenger Pluis. I reinstalled the whole system, and then this new error appeared, preventing me to log in.:

Error message:

I tried everything, even reinstalling the whole system, install and uninstall Messenger countless times, deleting remaining files, patching everything, refreshing the servers, but the problem still persist. Please someone help me, I am clueless and I didn’t find anything online related to my issue.:

WLM Messenger 2009:

Windows 10 Home:

Hey @Cubina,

I’m here to help you, I hope we can solve your problem :slight_smile: Have you tried install WLM with patched installer? As I see you’re a hungarian person like me try with this installer:

The attached error message it’s a Visual C++ Runtime error. You should try reinstall all version of C++ libraries to get hope. I recommend this pack for you: Visual C++ Redistributable Runtimes All-in-One (May 2021) Download | TechPowerUp Just simply run install_all.bat there which you find in archive file (don’t forget to extract them to a directory).

Third thing I’m thinking on what if your escargot.dll is corrupted for some reason? try download this file and replace it in your WLM folder (default path is: C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows live\Messenger\escargot.dll)
escargot.dll (900 KB)

About 80048820 error. It’s a connection error, it means the communication between your client and Escargot server is broken for some reason. I recommend check your Firewall and Antivirus settings (try disable them temporarily for a debug)

Hali @Cubina,

Remélem megtudjuk oldani a problémád, sajnálattal olvasom hogy eredménytelen eddig a WLM használata. :frowning: Probáltad az előre-“javított” telepítővel feltelepíteni az MSN-t? Ha jól olvasom te is magyar vagy ajánlom ezt a telepítőt én is ezt használom:

A hiba amit mellékeltél az egy Visual C++ Runtime hiba. Probáld meg újra telepíteni az összes C++ verziót hátha javulni fog valami. Ajánlom neked ezt a csomagot én is ezt szoktam használni: Visual C++ Redistributable Runtimes All-in-One (May 2021) Download | TechPowerUp

Harmadik dolog amin gondolkodok, hogy mivan ha az escargot.dll sérült nálad valamilyen oknál fogva? PRobáld meg letölteni ezt a fájlt (amit később csatolok) és cseréld ki a WLM mappádban (alap elérhetősi útvonala: C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows live\Messenger\escargot.dll)
escargot.dll (900 KB)

A 80048820 hibáról. Ez egy ilyen csatlakozási hiba ami azt jelenti, hogy közted illetve az Escargot között kommunikációs hiba lépett fel valamilyen oknál fogva. Ajánlom, hogy ellenőrízd a Tűzfal illetve Vírusírtó beállításokat (ideglenesen kapcsold ki őket tesztelésre).

Remélem ezek a tippek segíteni fognak neked.

Szia Balázs, köszi a választ!

Mindent megcsináltam, amit leírtál, telepítettem az összes Visual C-s cuccot, de még mindig ugyanazt a Visual C++ hibát írja ki.

A Windows frissítés zavart be (hiába tiltottam le a Winaero progival, egy idő múlva magától kiszedte onnan a pipát a rendszer), addig semmi gond nem volt a Messengerrel. A frissítés után még egyszer bejelentkezett a WLM, és mikor feltelepítettem a Flash reviver progit, akkor azonnal kidobott és onnantól már vissza se engedett. Töröltem a messengert+maradék fájlokat, újratelepítettem a messengert (a patched angol verziót használtam mindig) a flash/Plus! nélkül, úgy se indult el. Semmi sem tiltja a Messengert, a tűzfal sem, a Defender sem, az ki is van kapcsolva.
Az escargot.dll fájlt is felülírtam azzal, amit csatoltál, de semmi.
A rendszert is újratelepítettem már, de semmi változás. Minden más működik a gépemen, csak a Messenger nem. Lehet, hogy már nem is fog soha, pedig úgy örültem hogy végre visszahozták az Escargot-os srácok. :frowning: Általában meg szoktam tudni oldani minden pc-vel kapcsolatos gondot, de ez nagyon kifogott rajtam, teljesen tanácstalan vagyok.

My apologies for interjecting, I won’t insult you both by trying to pretend to speak Hungarian :slight_smile:

Since it wasn’t some of the usual ideas that Balazs covered already, I have some other ideas.

The DLL works by hooking and redirecting API functions that connect to the Escargot service, and when that can’t happen, you’ll get 80048820 as it will try authenticating through Windows 10’s Microsoft account service instead and fail.

The “Buffer is too small” likely refers to a string that’s trying to be copied or compared, which is the vast majority of what the DLL does. I would guess the error might be something related to a string in Hungarian, or some other customization you might have made (as a side note, nice font! :slight_smile:).

The DLL does have a logging mode that might be useful to see how far it goes before failing and that might reveal more clues without needing to do hardcore debugging.

To enable the logging:

  1. Go to the C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Live folder and copy the Messenger folder to the Desktop so the folder will be easily writable.
  2. Open the copied Messenger folder, find the msnmsgr.exe-escargot.ini file and open it (usually in Notepad).
  3. You’ll see the following in the file:

Add the following three lines, so the file should now look like this:


enable = 1
hooks = 1
  1. Save the file, close Notepad, and run msnmsgr.exe from the Messenger folder.
  2. Attempt to sign in to Messenger if it doesn’t automatically.
  3. Once you get the error, you can probably choose Kihagyás until it fails login.
  4. Close all the Messenger windows as the log file isn’t accessible until Messenger is closed.
  5. Find the msnmsgr.exe-escargot.log file in the folder (in default Windows it will show as a Text document) and upload it here.

Nice to have you here Jonathan! :slight_smile:
I am sure that your Hungarian is better than our English, since you are a genius. :smiley:
Well, I am using the English version of Messenger and yes, I made some customization because I hate the look of Windows 10. :slight_smile: As soon as I’ll have some spare money, I will build a Win 7 system, I just need to know what parts to collect to have a strong PC. Can you help in that? I would be grateful. :slight_smile:
Well, here is the screenshot of the log error:

I hope you have the solution as always! :slight_smile:

The other thing is… Is there any way to make the emoticons bigger in WLM? They used to be big in the old days (of course with the 800x600 resolution) :slight_smile:

Thank you for your help in advance!

You give me far too much credit, but I’ll accept the compliment :slight_smile:

I hear you on the larger emoticon issue, unfortunately I’m not aware of any particularly good way of improving that. My last Windows 7 user decommissioned their PC just this past Friday, so I’m not really sure of the specifics of building a PC with that in mind. But I think the biggest worry would be making sure there’s driver support, although I think it’s still fairly well supported. There’s lots of great resources for PC building though (r/buildapc, et al.)

Based on the above, I think I might know where the error is occurring, but why your install is going down that path of code is a mystery. As a next step, I’ve removed the offending code, and have a new version of the DLL for you to try. (266.0 KB)
To try out, extract the DLL from the zip file into that new Messenger folder you made, overwrite the existing one, and try to sign in again. Assuming it doesn’t work, seeing the log the file again would be greatly helpful.

Lastly, I absolutely adore your wallpaper and EVE Recycle Bin :smile:

Thank you for your efforts Jonathan. :slight_smile:
Now I have a new error message from Messeng

EVE.rar (184.9 KB)
er. I attach the screenshot of the login error and the log. Oh, and here is Eve and the wallpaper I created by mixing my favorite Vista wallpaper and the edited MSN butterflies, in case you’d like to use it. :slight_smile: I know it’s not a big gift, but I truly appreciate your efforts, you are always here for us to help and you don’t ask for anything in return! Thank you! :slight_smile:

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Sorry for the slow response Cynthia, it’s been a long week here.
Thanks so much for the icon and wallpaper, I really appreciate it! She is very cute :slight_smile:

The authentication seems to be working now, but based on the error code (which translates into ‘The specified module could not be found’), a piece of Messenger or Windows is missing. Out of curiosity, do any of your customization you’ve done include running any utilities that might have tried to make Windows smaller or otherwise remove parts of the operating system that might be considered obsolete or unused?

In the distant past, there were three parts of Windows/Messenger that tended to be missing that you could easily reinstall for this problem. There’s harm in trying them now, and to do so, download each link and run the MSI to install it. Each one will pop up an installer window, copy its files, and disappear when done.
Links: Error Reporting, C++ Runtime, and Communications Platform.
Then you can restart Messenger and try again.

Assuming that didn’t work, although it shouldn’t be necessary for Messenger to find its pieces, you can move that modified DLL back into the real Messenger folder and try running Messenger from the original location.

Assuming that still didn’t work, I might uncover more details now to get the connection log from Messenger itself. I have details on how to do that in a separate post:

Based on the results from that, we’ll have to see where to go from there.

Dear Jonathan,
It’s okay to reply late, I am sure you have more important things to do. :slight_smile: The most important is that you are here to help.
I’m glad you like my small gift. :slight_smile:
Well, I followed the instructions (installed the three msi) but I am not sure if I have to open the same escargot log file after clicking on Save log in Messenger settings.
I have a new error message now, please see the screenshot of it and the log file.
I didn’t change anything major in the system, didn’t make any of its parts smaller. The problem started right after a forced windows update. Everything was great before the update. My PC restarted itself and the chaos began. The strange thing is that nothing changed even after reformatting and reinstalling the system. There was a Windows update again right after, so it may messed up everything (again).

I am starting to lose hope that my Messenger will ever work. :frowning:

Hey Cubina,
It’s again me. I hope you don’t mind if I speak in English right now instead of Hungarian language :slight_smile:

In this moment, tonyshowoff from Escargot Discord shared a new patch tool, which means it replaces current servers to the newest one:

server =
configserver =

Try out this patch tool, probably it could help you:
EscargotPatcherv1.exe (84 KB)

And last thing. Do not give up, your goal will work soon, that’s 100% :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot Balázs! This one worked, I am finally in after all these struggles! :slight_smile:

I will save this file, but I hope this problem will never occur again!

Thanks to you, to Jonathan and the Escargot guys as well for your/their efforts!

I really thought that it was the end of Messenger for me. :slight_smile: I am so happy now!

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Oh, thanks God :slight_smile: I’m glad it worked for you. Have fun on Escargot Service :slight_smile:

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