Please, help me to connect to internet in Windows xp by WI-FI connection

I need help for connecting to internet in Windows xp by WI-FI connection, can someone help me on this please?

What is the model of your wifi adapter

i think wifi support arrived later in xp with sp1 or sp2. Too bad the update server for xp is down now… with a little searching there’s still the possibilty to find updates and service packs i think

It’s not down
Plus WPA2 support for XP was introdused in Service Pack2

I have Windows XP home edition with SP2 and… I’M going to check my model of my wifi adapter

@Nojus2001 Can I make a photo to the adapter and the model of the adapter for you? Because the title of the wifi adapter model is too long…

if you’re trying to connect via wireless connection, that is not possible. in xp you can only connect via ethernet, dial up or some sort of wifi dongle. you can get ones that aren’t pay monthly in tesco and sainsburys they just link up and are quite fast too

when i used to use Windows XP as my main OS in my Macbook mid 2007, wireless connection worked fine without any dongle, so that only depends if your pc has wireless drivers for windows xp or not

was you using virtual box?

no, i wans’t, i unistalled macOS and installed XP, no virtualization software used

that’s weird. i have an old xp desktop and there’s no way of wireless connectivity. it could have been because you had newer hardware

@Filecoder07 sure
@Barnes_Computing_Lim XP since it’s launch already had Wifi support(only WPA support at the time until Service Pack 2 that improved a lot of things in the Operating System including Wifi) It depends on if your Desktop(I have never heard that they have built in wireless unless you buy it seperatly) /Laptop if it has Wireless Support :stuck_out_tongue:

sorry for not getting anyone answer about model of my wifi adapter, I will send it soon!

I don’t find my model, @Nojus2001, but I think I will have it soon!

Use Snappy Driver Installer to obtain the right driver :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hi @Nojus2001 now I get an intel PRO/wireless 2011 LAN PC, and magically solve all my problems

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