Patched an 8.0 WLM Beta! (thanks to @Duki)


Escargot IP is


I checked it again, It’s does show status on Escargot MSN Site.

It’s actually nearly working.
The crash message is actually a bug. and the Logining is loop.




Yeah i already know that
(actually i just pinged :stuck_out_tongue:)


Can someone install this in a VM, patch it, put the files into a .zip file. and send it to me lol?


The instructions are in the thread


I dont wanna install it tho

can i at least have the program files for it in a .zip


I have wlm 8.5 installed and i want the program files




@Duki What’s up?


Nothing much, I’ve been looking hows the progress going. Pretty good I must say.


Well, I use WinRAR to extract but when I try to run setup, it’s show a error:


try using 7-zip, it might work.


The FileDropper link doesn’t work.


It’s still doesn’t work, I also tried on Windows 7 (Dual boot) it’s have same result.


Well, also tried with Windows 10. Redirect to Escargot IP too, but it’s still crash without error.

The Trouble Shooter does repair nothing expect it’s can’t repair Key Port.


okay but can we fix the filedropper link


I’m trying to find the file, will upload it to

I think this should be the one from filedropper. Contact me if the link or file doesnt work.


Sweet, thanks.