Patched an 8.0 WLM Beta! (thanks to @Duki)




I tested that older Beta one. I tried and it’s crash and show 80048821 error.
SSL 2 and 3 also disabled. HOST redirects are
EXE is modified, changed URLS: changed to is changed to is changed to

Using Escargot msidcrl40.dll too.
Here is the screenshot:

EDIT: ON WINDOWS 7, it’s does same thing as XP does.
ON WINDOWS XP, IT’S Crash too but The Program is Still responding and cannot login.

It’s does show status on Escargot Website.


I decided to take the liberty of testing three more builds: 0328, 0363, and 0562. The first two builds suffer the same problem 0290 has (crashes before even authenticating and uses encrypted RST), but 0562 is similar to build 0566, in that it logs in with RST redirects and Escargot patches, and that with Escargot patches, it immediately crashes while still in-session, but with RST redirects, it authenticates. This time, instead of staying on the login screen when using RST, it actually loads the contact list (albeit from a different domain, at

Overall, it isn’t different from how the final WLM 8 works (aside from not using, to my knowledge), but the contact add window doesn’t work for some reason. Haven’t tested messaging yet, but that’ll be looked into later. :stuck_out_tongue:


How can i try signing in too?
Patching it like 8.1/5 ? I want to try.
And what version is it again?


Again, you have to HOSTS redirect and to the IP of the Escargot server, and then patch msidcrl40.dll as normal.

Basically, yes, patching instructions are similar to 8.x’s.


and what is the ip of the escargot server? :stuck_out_tongue:


We should investigate the whole msnmsgr.exe in the hex editor to see for any simillar links as a lot of links that are in the 8 patching instructions aren’t there. Such as , which doesn’t appear when i find it via CTRL+F. You didn’t answer though, what’s that version? 8.0.???

Btw this thread has more than 200 views holy goodness


AFAIK RSI and OIMWS are the same in these beta builds. is, is, and right now I haven’t found any TKRDR URLs in the beta builds.


what version is this 8.0 beta?




Well 8.0.566 is a later version of it but its basically

and you can see the windows xp logo


and the icon on the taskbar is the msn messenger (not wlm) icon




Update: messaging works.

Also the contact add window shows up properly now.

Theoretically, adding contacts should work, but there’s a bug in the AddressBook system within Escargot that doesn’t add it to the list of contacts in the store (the actual entry is added though, I assume).


Woah! Can you PLEASE send me the patched exe and the version? I want it!!! and the msidcrl.dll


Again, it’s build 0562, and it’s not really patched. I just used a bunch of redirects that went back to my local server (from the branch feature/wlm2009 on the GitLab repo). Specifically, I redirected:

  • (for RST; make sure you remove any entries for this as Microsoft still uses this domain for Microsoft services)
  • (for tabs and other ancillary features; not necessary to redirect but it’s there if you want)
  • (Byrdr in the beta stage)

These all pointed to, or localhost, for the purpose of testing with the local server. There’s no point of trying it with the public server since no RST handler exists on there, but if you have time to set up to your own local server (feature/wlm2009 has the latest changes, FYI), then go for it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, the msidcrl file I used is the one that comes with the build.


Can you try build 8.0.566 or smth.?


I am patching 8.0.0290. :stuck_out_tongue:


Keep in mind that’s hard but whatevs floats your boat :stuck_out_tongue:
Anyways good luck on that


I still haven’t been able to find out what makes build 0566 not load the contact list. Hopefully I can find out sooner.