Password Incorrect Issue with Local Escargot Server

I set up a local escargot server using the steps in this post, but I’ve run into a problem.
I can get the server started up with

python dev
, but when I enter the sign-in details I created when running
python script/ email
, Windows Live Messenger 2009 shows this error.

For blind/visually impaired users, this screenshot is meant to show Windows Live Messenger 2009 displaying the error: “The Windows Live ID or password you entered is incorrect. Error Code: 80048821”.
I’m running both the server and WLM under Windows 8.1.

if the first try worked and the second didnt try reinstalling or add a pass at the end of the command

I also made sure to install the certificate in the right location. I’m not sure how this screenshot turned out (I’m without sight, after all) but it’s meant to show the certificate located in the trusted root certification authorities store.