Omg i hate skype


Has decided to explain to the friend how to establish the messenger. For this, I downloaded skype. It took 2 hours and we could not begin to communicate, because I had written that she was in my contacts and we can communicate and she has written that I have not added yet.

Skype is shit or no?


just because your in a msn forum, doesnt mean you have to say all shits about skype.

ps. download classic version, yes, its white, but its much better.

Also: skype used to have plus very very back then.


i also hate Skype so i just dont use it :stuck_out_tongue:


SKYPE 8 SUCKS . use skype 7


skype is suffering from what I call the “Microsoft Effect” aka where everything they purchase and take active control of turns to complete garbage.


Well, good thing that it didn’t happen with wlm :slight_smile:


I hate Skype.

"Omg i hate skype" "Skype is not bad" Answer

well to be honest it just ruins my computers and i really don’t want it on my pc or my mac.