"Omg i hate skype" "Skype is not bad" Answer

Well, Skype was a good Messenger before the Microsoft buy?: Yes, Skype was not better than AIM, Yahoo! Messenger or MSN Messenger, but was a functional Messenger

Skype is a good Messenger now?: No, because Skype now is not even functional, is slow, crashes, and if you bought a NASA PC for run Skype (that even in that NASA PC will run slow) Skype will be really boring, without any good function.

The real question here is
WHY THE ACTUAL MESSENGERS ARE CREATED TO BE BORING, SLOW AND BAD? Discord is fun, but, in some old PCs will be slow, and his app don’t runs in XP, and Facebook Messenger, and entire Facebook, without a “good” connection of Internet, will run slooow.

If you want to add me in Messenger, do it: urdanetaa19@gmail.com

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facebook Messenger is good to use , but all the others sucks ( discord is ok to me ) but i dont know why Microsoft want to change a good thing . Skype 8 now sucks but Skype 7 still Works …

Skype was great for large groups (of over 40 people). That’s what it did best over its competition.