Old looking websites and programs



Recently I’ve been looking for some websites that give back the nostalgia feel. Since I don’t know many sites, I need your help!

Here’s my current list:

https://www.vidlii.com/ - Basically old YouTube, 5 star ratings, friends and groups
https://friendproject.net/ - Site like MySpace
https://www.bitview.net/ - 2005 YouTube clone, created by the makers of VidLii
https://mcsn.ga/ - Old MSN home page, updated (Connection not secure, but it’s safe)
https://osmk.tk/ - The OS Mockup Kit. Decided to add it, looks old. :stuck_out_tongue:
https://win95.ajf.me/ - Windows 95 in your browser

If you have anything else, hit me up!



Thanks, used to have it on my list. Anything else?




Okay, thanks anyways.


Thanks for including my OSMK website here, lol. Yeah, the design aesthetic was inspired by 90’s design (such as it being blue and black, akin to the 95 setup BG), although the site does have more modern elements like the large text and animated heading.


you mean our


yeah :man_shrugging:


Change “https://” to “http://” in the URL :slight_smile:


Still, it’s worth adding to my list. :slight_smile:


I found these 2
Not just a “this is how old google and yahoo looked like” you can even search with them


Knew the Google one, but didn’t know that there was one for Yahoo. Thanks! :slight_smile:


also theres this thing that i made