Oiiverse - The rebrand of Liiverse!

Me, mimicking you: Oh my god, can’t you see?? Stop making Miiverse clones for the last time!
Me, this time as myself: Jeez, it’s just for nostalgia.

Ahem, anyways…

Untitled_Artwork 12
Oiiverse! It’s a Miiverse clone made in Go, HTML, MySQL and supports Nintendo Switch and most major computer and tablet, phone software!
If you encounter any bugs or glitches/loopholes, contact me through email or Discord “jackisFunny#0001”.
Send me a message for the link! Just don’t share the link anywhere. If you do, you get banned!

wait what? https://fedi.mint.lgbt/


There’s an new miiverse clone i guess

That’s not a Miiverse clone.

That’s just a Misskey instance. It’s not a real clone.

The source for the names are Liiverse also. Yeah you know that someone shared the link to the site and you taken it down. It’s the same nothing changed all it changed it’s an O and the site link. So it’s clearly not a clone @Zzx_zxz_the_great_fi
Also if you want the link go ask for it to the owner named Jack

can i just join

Hey i recommend you go into discord and DM Jack and he will give you the link.

but i dont use discord anymore

Or there’s an alternative at 10:00 PM Jack goes online you can talk to him in that time on WLM

yeah im gonna have to go to my windows 10 partition, and may not use the pc at 10:00

Yes Jack only uses WLM at 10:00 Pm. His timezone is GMT-5

so im gonna have to use my phone

Yep you can use anything if you want

whats his discord?

Bandana Boi#0001

it said cant find that

What is your timezone

my time is 7:42 pm