Oiiverse - The rebrand of Liiverse!

this is mine

also p i z z a

Yeahso if you want go to a website that marks the time and the timezone of Jack that Is GMT-5 if you want when it says 20:00 PM go to WLM

and i cant use my calendar cuz i gotta sign in, also i wont be awake

K i know you are in the week 38

wait i will be awake at 20:00

in my timezone

Ok but in your timezone it’s night but in Jack’s timezone it will be still Midday for him

it looks like i wont join any miiverse clone ever

Yes you can just don’t give up.

If you only share it in MG, then no one will use it coz mg is super inactive these days

waiting for oiiverse on chandler

but Jack said ‘‘No sharey sharey’’