Mysterious unused2 web page


i was using msn messenger on escargot when i clicked on chat rooms i got directed to a page called unused2. i would like to know what it is and if it will ever get replaced


where did you click “chat rooms”?


the bottom of the msn 5.0/6.2 window


“go to chat rooms”, sorry i use 4.7 w/ MSN Add-On


yes.but i don’t even know what chat rooms is


the msn chat rooms were a feature, which i think, lets you chat to a romm, and many people could be in the same room.


so it’s kind of like pictochat


just without the ink and more users per group


This is what it looked like at the time:

MSN Chat experimentation

but 7.0 has ink and no chat rooms. Y U DO DIS MICROSOFT


I AGREE WITH bubblegum_218


ha, normal us sports talk, after looking, looks like a “peaceful” version of today’s talk, also that’s a rare picture (I’ve not seen one before) you’ve found Kay.


what is a rare picture


today’s talk: guyinyourwindow says: i like the cowboys

irobbedyou says: I’M TRIGGERED


Well, I didn’t know Messenger used to have chat rooms, and they appear to be based on IRC from the looks of the screenshot Jon posted.

I’m pretty sure I didn’t get to access that feature back in the day because I was very young at the time and it could have been blocked to persons under 13 for safety reasons.


but unused2 is the link for more things too


unused2 is set by escargot when a link doesn’t exist anymore.


oh. that makes sense


but one question still remains. WHAT HAPPENED TO UNUSED1!


yellows please tell me HOW YOU USE WM 4.7 , i tried everthing and its not work for me