My R&R topics haven't been moved

So, I think my R&R topics should be moved to More because the Liiverse topic is still in R&R, meaning no one can reply, including me. So, could someone help?

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Did one of them get missed? These two were moved to Tech. Please feel free to move them yourself to where you prefer, More, More/Gaming for instance.

I did my best to pick out good threads already, but a lot is still missing. Please don’t hesitate to bring to attention anything that needs moving or is in the wrong place.

Trekie, my What I Should Buy (For Myself) Thread has been deleted too, can you bring it in a category where, the thread can’t close

It’s not deleted, R&R is just a little harder to get to. There’s several ways to find it, but the quickest is to use the search, and you can search for the individual posts or even the category itself. Once you get to the category, you can use the bell in the top corner to bring it back to your main page if you like.

I will get back to you soon on your thread, I’m not entirely sure what to do yet, or where it belongs. I have a few ideas on that already, but I will first need to do some experimentation to see if what I’m thinking is possible. In the meantime, let me know if you find anything else.