Liiverse: The probably last MV clone ever

Liiverse, the probably last MV clone ever. Or guess you could say “Indigo clone”.
It’s a “Indigo clone” developed by me. You can yeah posts, edit your profile, message users, favorite your communities, and post stuff.
It was developed in June 2020. Basically 2 months ago. Please DM me through Discord if you want to use it. Just don’t share it publicly on the internet somewhere. Thanks.


You can also ask for the link through WLM, check my profile for the address.

Hey found out your exact time in your time zone more easy for anyone to know your active hours here.

Dunno if you mean what are your active hours, if I’m correct…
I’m usually active on here like…I guess 2 or 3 idk so uh yeah.
On Messenger, you can find me at late times, 10 pm 11 pm etc. and times like 4 pm or 5. Discord is where I’m at all the time. I’ll also be (half)active on Liiverse.

Ok also i added you on WLM and my active hours are all the day


added u in wlm, my mail is

i want to join