My Possible Cases Of Lost Media?

So this may sound stupid, but I think I may have a few cases of lost “media”.

Let’s start with a show.
When I was young, I remember finding a Lion King VHS tape in a random bag in my home. Now, I presume it was some sort of bootleg, as I remember it not having a case or a label. It looked beaten up on one of the corners too. I remember that one of my parents let me watch it. I watched them put the tape into the TV (The TV was an old samsung crt with the ability to play VHS Tapes), and I remember that it would instantly jump to the scene where Zazu would be “behind bars”, “singing” the first song he sings.

No matter what my parents would do, it would not rewind past this scene. They gave up, and mention about getting a DVD version instead. They left the room, and I just sat there watching LK from this point. It was that day I noticed something. My Bob The Builder tapes (I was young don’t forget) would show static when the tape would finish. The Lion King one, however, would just show black, skipping the credits. Out of curiousity, I let it run, and then this other kids show (Was not in any way related to Lion King) started playing.

All I can remember about it is one of the main characters were a bear, and the second main character was some sort of small animal. An odd thing is that one of the main backgrounds/sets looked a lot like the “Home” wallpaper in Windows XP. This one:

Of course, i highly doubt this was the exact same image used, but everytime I see this one image, I always end up being reminded of whatever that show was.

A home.

On a phone I once had, I saw an image in the DCIM\Camera folder, despite the phone not even being out of the box for an hour, I saw this low quality graphic of a house on a hill. I have it in this list because even with reverse images searches, and my extensive looking, I can not find any copies of this image, or any explanation of the image. While yes, it could be a simple stock photo, the camera quality and the fact I can’t find it anywhere else has caught my attention.

Transformers Handheld

Around 2010-ish, I remember having this Transformers handheld, stylised after Optimus Prime’s torso (which i remember it made it uncomfortable to hold). It was a standard basic handheld. It featured a Game Boy-like screen, and the game I remember it playing was some sort of transformers game with a top-down view and controls similar to the pre-GTA III titles.

Star Wars Trading Cards

I remember owning a deck of Star Wars trading cards. The back was red and futuristic themed with the starwars logo. That’s the best description I can give, it’s only here as my family (not even the members of the family who had them too) can remember them even the smallest bit about them.

Some Vibrant Cereal Ad

On TV years ago, I remember watching this vibrant-coloured cereal ad. From what I remember, it starts on a quiet hill, that then shows a 3-Wheeler driving along the road. It then turns to go to a house, and it cuts to some guy being given cereal by this yellow monster thing. They talk about something, and that’s all I remember. Can’t find it anywhere either.

Was it an original copy of VHS?

I had the exact same thing but on DVD. It was probably from a 1st Season Barney DVD my mom used to have back in 1999. The same, after ending, would show a black screen for some seconds after the School Episode, the DVD starts to play an animation that was similar to what you’ve said (like a similar house). What I remember; it was something like a Bear going to school, and it was an educational animation and maybe 90s, so maybe it got to get on PBS Kids at some point. The art style was kinda like Arthur, and on the intro, the Bear is getting prepared to the school, pick everything, the apple etc. And then he (the main character being Male) gets at the school bus. I don’t remember how the episodes were like, though

Ending up like “Eveybody knows That” but Location Edition would be kinda wild

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The Bob the builder VHS was original, I mentioned that to explain that’s what the TV normally did at the end of a VHS tape.

I don’t remember the show I was on about being animated, pretty sure it was puppets, if I remember correctly. It was not related to Disney in any way oddly enough

Maybe you may actually have a lead though

Oh, I’ve got to read again and yeah, I totally forgot about how VHS ended

Is the Lion King one also original? Seems like there’s a twist in what you’ve said

I remember it having zero label, and that one of the corners were beaten up.
It may have been a bootleg

Do you remember any details of the main character?

It might have gotten from drift store, and the owner or the one that recorded didn’t noticed that it got some other cartoons there (which probably happened on this case)

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Nope, it was brown, and some have mistaken this for a show called “Bear in the big blue house” but I remember the bear having a much more slim build, of that makes sense

A tape over could have been possible


Do you remember if it felt like Nick Jr. or a normal VHS recording?

I think it was a normal recording, but at that age, I couldn’t really distinguish it

No idea if that actually works on a VHS (if you mean to merge 2 recordings at once) [or maybe smth I can’t explain, which is like a second recording for the VHS basically]

Oh, makes sense then
Do you know which year you’ve done that?
Seems like it was made after DVD, so it is likely not to be from the 80s, but atleast from the 90s or 2000s (I forgot when King Lion came). Also, are the animations on which kind of style or aesthetic? And is it older than the King Lion movie itself?

The aesthetics from memory seemed 90s/2000s

I got to check out the Lion King release date (1994), maybe the date from the VHS might be from Mid to end of the 90s (might have brought in very early 2000s, if I’m right)

Have anyone said if it was The Muppets Show?

From memory, I don’t think it ever gave off a Muppets vibe.
That XP-Esque house set was used a lot though

No idea then, maybe it didn’t got to get on-air in my country

I’m from the UK, so i’m not really sure