My, and e-mail addresses stopped getting email for some reason

I stopped getting mail last night and i sent test emails from my gmail account and they never arrive, wtf

probaly microsoft trying to force people to use a

Hopefully not, as I have two Hotmail addresses (the ones I use for Escargot) and M$ better not throttle e-mails to them for some marketing gimmick.

I hope i don’t lose my almost 18 year old and the address from the dialup

my main email IS a … and you can still create one in microsoft site so i dont think that MS will kill it

IK you can still create them. I even created a thread about that.

I just hope they’re not preventing people from getting/sending e-mail from their addresses just to lure them into getting one.

we are talking about microsoft , this have a 90% possibility to happen

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Mail doesn’t go out or in on mine but there isn’t no server not found errors or however that’s called, I tried on Outlook 2007, 2016 and, I tried registering to Neocities right now with the “legacy addresses” and the confirmation e-mail never arrives but if I put in my e.mail address I receive it immediately

your is from 2001?

We apologize for the delayed response as we are currently having a high volume of support requests. As what I understood in your first post, you were saying that you can only send from your account but not able to receive emails. Email accounts with domain are considered as legacy accounts.

These accounts are created only to send emails and not to receive. This explains why you cannot receive emails in your account.

Should you need further assistance, please feel free to post back.

Thank you.

screw this

(and I can’t really remember exactly when I made it but it was in the early 2000’s for sure)

So Microsoft have literally stopped letting you recieve emails on your account? That’s a really douchey thing to do. Hopefully they won’t eventually start doing that to addresses.