Music I made while inactive

hi! i used to be active here. i dropped off the face of the forum in a time where I wasn’t mentally stable, but I’m back - and it looks like this place isn’t entirely engulfed in flames anymore, so here’s stuff I made that beats the snot out of what lived here. shudders

first off, i’m in a band called Songs From The Moons! actually, I’m in two bands, but one is basically just my solo works - songs from the moons is where the cooler lyrical stuff I’m in goes. here’s one of our demos, it’s a song called Horse Hallway (lyrics/vocals by Skye Galaxia, music by me):

(a whole 128 kbps! lyrics subject to change. explicit.)

i’ve also been working on solo stuff, which I’ve been considering just being songs recorded into a $30 tape dictation machine along the lines of this cover I recorded last night - but there’s also stuff i make in ableton that’s more spacey folk stuff. here’s a bit of a song called The Stars Remind Me Of You that’s basically finished (lyrics/music/vocals by me):

(vocal track subject to change.)

that song was originally called “welcome to space” earlier in development - the lyrics sucked, but the instrumental was basically identical.

depending on how cool TReKiE is with it, I’ll probably post more stuff in replies here eventually - but of course if he’s not cool with it I won’t, just wanted a place to put my newer, less amateurish stuff. (and I’m not just here to promo, I’ll try to be active - promise :slight_smile:)

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We have an EP out now! It’s free! I’m on it! Real cases! Real people! Judge Judy! Songs From The Moons | Songs From The Moons


Here’s my mini review. I’ve had this EP on rotation since Christmas, and it was a perfect cleanser from the holiday tunes. Each track has a glorious indie sound, vocals are on point, arrangements are accessible, interesting, and enjoyable. Lyrics are fun and amusing.

  1. Horse Hallway
    I had no idea what was I getting into when this started up, the intro doesn’t prepare you for anything, and then suddenly, “There’s a horse in the middle of the hallway.” You can’t help but get a smile on your face, because you know it’s gonna get good, and it does, right up to the end. Although you can make some great life metaphors with this (it even ends with a commentary on life), I choose to take it literally, it’s more amusing.
  2. And Now All Day She Glows
    The fun continues with this little track. I really enjoyed the instrumental section and ending. Although, I do wish there was a little more to this one.
  3. iCube
    This is favourite track. The piano starts in, and then, “Ominous Apple cube…,” like the first track, you know it’s going to get good. Someone should play this on loop outside the Apple store.
  4. I Can’t Remember Your Name
    This track puts a final bow on the EP. I think we’ve all been there when either we can’t remember someone’s name, or someone can’t remember ours. Right down to the “name start[s] with a J”. Don’t miss out on the mosquito solo.

It’s four great little fun tracks. Recommended :white_check_mark:. There’s a money-back guarantee, and as a bonus, the lyrics are embedded in the ID3 tags.

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yooo I’m so glad you dig it! the band appreciates the review :slight_smile:

kind of relevant tidbit - And Now All Day She Glows had this super trippy ambient-type outro in the original recording. I couldn’t quite replicate it in my DAW, so I went in a different direction and I think it’s equally as cool

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this sounds better than my shitty GarageBand iOS songs

Songs From The Moons is doing February Album Writing Month this year! Check this page every 2 days or so for a new song (but we post alerts on our Twitter too), it’ll be cool most of the time.

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