Music I made while inactive

hi! i used to be active here. i dropped off the face of the forum in a time where I wasn’t mentally stable, but I’m back - and it looks like this place isn’t entirely engulfed in flames anymore, so here’s stuff I made that beats the snot out of what lived here. shudders

first off, i’m in a band called Songs From The Moons! actually, I’m in two bands, but one is basically just my solo works - songs from the moons is where the cooler lyrical stuff I’m in goes. here’s one of our demos, it’s a song called Horse Hallway (lyrics/vocals by Skye Galaxia, music by me):

(a whole 128 kbps! lyrics subject to change. explicit.)

i’ve also been working on solo stuff, which I’ve been considering just being songs recorded into a $30 tape dictation machine along the lines of this cover I recorded last night - but there’s also stuff i make in ableton that’s more spacey folk stuff. here’s a bit of a song called The Stars Remind Me Of You that’s basically finished (lyrics/music/vocals by me):

(vocal track subject to change.)

that song was originally called “welcome to space” earlier in development - the lyrics sucked, but the instrumental was basically identical.

depending on how cool TReKiE is with it, I’ll probably post more stuff in replies here eventually - but of course if he’s not cool with it I won’t, just wanted a place to put my newer, less amateurish stuff. (and I’m not just here to promo, I’ll try to be active - promise :slight_smile:)