Appledoo's Music: The Thread

also known as “how not to compose”


every night is buggery night


As and Bs

What Can Go Wrong (incomplete)

Short Songs (cover of a DKs song)

Short Songs (Unplugged)

theoretically listenable

An Experiment In Bb Harmonic Minor

not listenable

cover of The Grateful Dead’s Alabama Getaway

cover of some song that was in a BP commercial

Your Name Is Kyle

Odd Time Signatures Are Gay

the demo I shared in the MG discord
EP 1 - (4.0 MB)


ah my ears are die after listening to the non listenable ones

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what did u expect

well they didnt fall off atleast

i’m gonna play “your name is kyle” at full blast while my parents are sleeping thanks jordan


2059 people will be praising this shit

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added 2 more songs


not listenable

bro wanna form a duo lmaoooOOoO

SOAD’s next album produced by appledoo

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i’d pay for that

new song + category

more crap


This one sounds pretty nice actually, i like it

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just wait until i get the composing skills and balls to come up to your post and post a reply with my only song

this is not over, appledoo

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thats why i, The Man Of The Studio, exist bro

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