MSN Messenger help for a film!

Hello there! I am working on a short film which is set around 2002/2003 - it’s about the power of the internet and especially messenger applications like MSN Messenger.

I wanted to ask if anyone knows whether video chat was available in MSN Messenger 7? And would it be possible to run that on Windows 2000?

Does anyone have a screenshot of what video chat looked liked back then??

It’s important for us that we are authentic in our portrayal.

Thanks for your help.


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Yea, doesn’t work unfortunately.

This isn’t from MSN 7, but something like this;


Thanks so much for the quick reply.

One final question - was any type of video chat available on MSN Messenger and able to run on Windows 2000? Or was this just introduced from XP forward?

Thanks, Jason!

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I’ve no idea, will reply later with info

Yeah false positives are a bitch. Bit suspicious to say that though :thinking:

Im warning people because this patch is unofficial and most of the antiviruses go nuts :stuck_out_tongue:
@Floobby has confirmed that with this unofficial update MSN 5 works on 2000 :stuck_out_tongue:

Seems that MSN 7’s beta introduced Video Chat, so it seems that’d be a no. Either way, video chat is unsupported on Escargot to my knowledge, same with voice chat too unless you’re using a local network, so that’s a shame :frowning:

Ninja edit:

you’d be off with 6.2 and 5 if its set around that time
7 is 2004/2005

I thought webcam was introduced in MSN6?

The scene is set in 2003, MSN6 would have been out in July so could be feasible.

I just want the link to that vid

para mi opinion windows xp salio a la venta en el año 2001 y si el cortometraje se hace en los años 2002/2003 no tendras problema en iniciarlo con Windows XP

XPCat was mucking around one day and he got video chat working in 7.5 (i had to do it on an alt account, my main didn’t work for some reason). I recall opening a port on my router to get it to work

OK. Ports are: 5004 (UDP) for videochat, and 6981 (TCP) for voicechat

Hope this helps.
(If it doesn’t work, try making an alt account and logging on from there)


If you can pinpoint the one that got it working (or list all the ports you tried), then that’d be appreciated. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry, didn’t know :flushed:

Uhh guys? He’s not asking about Escargot. He’s asking about what was available at the time and what it looked like. Yes MSN 7.0 worked on Windows 2000.

Also, from what @Megadeth58 said you might be better off with the older version’s look if you want it to look correct with the time period. I’m not too sure about everything else other than that yes, those versions worked on that system.

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yep , 7.0 worked even on 98

Funnily enough, I was researching old 9x cipher support to see if I can get HTTPS-based MSN clients working on those versions. :stuck_out_tongue:

To be on the more related side, most people used 9x around 2002 - 03, so you could go with that (with an install of 3.6 - 4.6 to even use MSN on 9x). But if you are going with 5.0+, 2000 or XP would be your safe bet.

Sorry I edited in a lot. And yes I know that 7.0 worked in 98 :stuck_out_tongue:

Guys - thank you so much, this is super useful. As you pointed out, we don’t actually need to get it working, rather just find out if it was possible (aka is it authentic for the time period). And it sounds like it was. I think we are going to go for something like the following UI on Windows 2000. I realise this is MSN7 (which didn’t come out to 2005) but it’s very similar to MSN6 aesthetically.

Thanks so much again!


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Yeah, version 6 and 7 were kinda the same in the area of UI, but there are some differences in the main program from just the UI. Also have you @helloamadeus ever used MSN messenger (any version).