MSN Messenger help for a film!


Oh, what you’ve done to get it work?


We’ll be using a graphics software (After Effects) to replicate the experience so we don’t actually need it to work.

MSN Messenger got me through my teen years. I’m 31 so MSN hit just as I was developing a sense of who I was, so it’s a very personal to me. The problem with that is that memory tends to have a funny way of merging timelines, and I wanted to make sure there was some kind of factual basis so I wouldn’t have people watching and being like “that wouldn’t have been possible”

Make sense?


I guess… i’m a freshman right now so i’m kinda going through what you had too. Was just wondering if you’d download Escargot messenger and relive the “Good days” on there/be nostalgic, to get a better feel for it again? It could help you remember certain things, and you could do some of your own video recording of it as well, to show off some things that’s hard to explain? idk just suggestions.


pfft i’m still in 8th grade :sunglasses: