MSN for Mac...but I have a problem


So since my Dell laptoppy broke down, I want to use MSN on a mac. I tried using it with Wine, but it didn’t work since I tried typing my name in, it doesn’t do any jack sh!t. Does anyone else have a working version of MSN for mac? Cuz I would REALLY like to use MSN right now


Nathan, did you actually search first instead of posting?
No?, also wrong catagory, this belongs in #software, not Meta.


oh. Well, it’s that I use a Mac, and then again, MSN just doesn’t work :T


someone said winetricks works but i forgot where that post was


yeah, but idk how to make winetricks work on a Mac :T


dont we all feel that way sometimes?


Use WineBottler to make a bundle for it (advanced tab) and check these boxes in the Winetricks section:


Then the textboxes should work.
More info: Wine Bottling On A Mac

What version of msn works with wine in ubuntu 16.04?

should I check “copy file to the app bundle” or “copy file and all files in the folder to the app bundle”?

What version of msn works with wine in ubuntu 16.04?

Use "Execute file (installer)."
When setup completes, it’ll launch MSN, force-quit it then it’ll finish creating the app bundle.


I am doing the same things this guy is doing, but I get the same result of no username or password. I am currently using a Mac Mini Late-2014, and I’m wondering if it’s got something to do with my Mac or it’s because something isn’t installed, I’m not sure.


It could be because you didn’t installed its components


Make a Windows 7 VM and install WLM or MSN


Oh hardy har har. That’s gonna waste space on my MacBook Air :v