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BETA 2: Mercury Messenger for android with MSNP15 and MSNP11 support

[imagem] Again, thanks to @tristanleboss without him, this and many things would be impossible. (*) Escargot server by @valtron now supports MSNP11 and MSNP15 at the moment. Then you need to select it in the "Other…

43 April 29, 2019
Craftplacer's Messenger Suite

This suite contains 4 projects related to Windows Live Messenger that I have worked on.

Messenger Activity Monitor (MAM)With this tool you can automatically set your personal message to the activity you’re doing. You ca…

53 April 16, 2019
[Release] WLM Now Playing on Spotify

Hello, i’m so thankful for this project that i had to contribute somehow, idk if it is already done but i’m almost finishing my own app that will post your now playing song of Spotify on Messenger psm. Once it is authen…

38 April 11, 2019
Messenger Rich Presence

Messenger Rich Presence is a program which adds information from Messenger to Discord over the Rich Presence feature. It also has the capability of having other MRP users add you as friend if you send them a game invite. …

56 February 17, 2019
MessengerBee (Messenger plugin for MusicBee)

This is a simple plugin for MusicBee which will show your currently playing song in Messenger. To install, download and run the self-extracting executable, choose to extract the files to the MusicBee plugin folder, and …

10 June 23, 2019
Winamp Live Messenger Status Plugin by Shane Hird

Live Messenger 8 Status Plugin Version 0.31 by Shane Hird Instructions Download plugin Copy to Winamp plugins folder (ex. \Program Files (x86)\Winamp\Plugins) Restart Winamp if it was running Options [image]

6 June 23, 2019
# MSN Messenger in other languages + Patched Portable versions. (Only 7.5 and 7.0)

[imagem] As there are quite a few MSN Messenger users in countries that do not have English as their native language, I'm creating this topic in order to help them find a version that is their corresponding language. A…

19 August 15, 2017
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