MSN for Android and Apple


Hi guys,

I’ve a question about the msn app. Is there in the future any posibility to make an app for msn?


There seems to have been an official iOS app at one point, although I’m not sure where you’d find that now (it’s probably long gone from the App Store), and some third-party apps for Android, so it was definitely possible to access Windows Live Messenger from those platforms.

However, they’re new enough that they wouldn’t be supported by Escargot for the time being, because they use a more modern protocol. I’m also not sure how you’d change the addresses they connect to, but that could be looked into if copies of the apps were available.

Also, further discussion on this topic @ Escargot MSN in smartphone?


I can not remember where I saw the official MSN iOS, but there is this one, the Messenger Play! (oficial app). Now it would have to be supported the “Live” versions of MSN to be compatible with a newer protocol AND have a way to change the connection addresses as you quoted.