Escargot MSN in smartphone?


Hi guys, thanks to revive msn 7.0 :grin: I appreciate but would it be possible to use the escargaout server in android with some app?

MSN for Android and Apple

I was talking with valtron the other day about this… I really hope this could be possible one day. Maybe I could convert people to come over to MSN again :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:


I also was thinking about it. just wondering though, would it be limited to what the app stores allow? like the apple app store and google play app store? microsoft took WLM off the app stores a long time ago after they announcing MSN Messenger and WLM comes to an end but I never delete the app. I still have the WLM app on my iphone. XD


Or make a web app which people can access via Chrome or Safari so we don’t have to worry about Google Play/App Store.


Maybe there are people out here who can investigate and work on it?


Unfortunately i have been referred this section years before but noone seems to care. I have the version of msn for android but dont know if its encrypted. I’ll upload it anyway


I like this idea. One issue: you connect to a normal TCP server.

That would mean reimplementing everything to work with WebSockets, which is ehhhh.


I was trying to make an old java application work. He worked directly with the server on MSNP9 and 10, and it almost worked. Only problem is that I did not find the passport nexus server line, and then it could not complete the connection.

I was going to use it on my old cell phones. (Motorola V3, V8).

As for android applications, I believe that most of them do not connect directly to the msn server, passing through an intermediary server.


There was a iOS version of Windows Live Messenger. It was using version of MSN Protocol not yet supported by Escargot but if someone still has it on its phone or still has the IPA file, it would be great to share it. The iTunes store link is indeed dead.


Same here, it could be the basis for other ideas in the future too.

Perhaps such a thing could be created in node, unfortunately it doesn’t look like there are any ready-to-go packages for MSNP. Although the imbot might have something.

Or a new one could be written of course.


@TReKiE @tristanleboss so write some code don’t be bored :stuck_out_tongue:


I think i have the same java application on my Sony Ericsson w980


This is the latest version of messenger for android. I’m uploading for everyone who kindy like to be involved (1.7 MB)


I have live messenger on my iPhone but I don’t know how to copy it off of it. but i did try imazing on mac. it copied the app which gave me a messenger 1.2.3.imazingapp file. should I send it in anyway?


I found 3 versions of Messenger for Android:

cn.msn.messenger (last version:, other versions:,,,
com.pica.msn (last version: 6.8.0, other versions: 6.5.0, 1.0.0) (last version: 2.0.90, other versions: 2.0.88)

For iOS, I found only one:

Messenger (last version: 1.2.3, other versions: 1.2.1, 1.0.1)


I also tried to revive this:

But, unfortunately, the Wayback Machine lacks some mandatory JavaScript files…


I didn’t see that version of WLM before. is that for embedding onto a website?


Yes. It was a Messenger bar made by Microsoft to look like the Facebook chat bar… Few websites used it. It was made with the Windows Live Web SDK. Unfortunately, I tried my best to salvage it but it lacks too many JavaScript files… :frowning:


I’m pretty sure the Messenger Web Toolkit relied on servers that no longer exist, even if you had the javascript.

Also if memory serves me correctly, the version mentioned above by tristan was designed to use XMPP Messenger access that only existed for a short time. I quite liked that client and used it at the time, it was quite functional and had a good Messenger feel. The ad window was a bit annoying though :stuck_out_tongue:


I might have found a few sites with scripts but could not understand them. most of them were in Chinese/Japanese and one in Korean. the scripts look like they weren’t java.