MSN asks for .NET Passport

Hi all! I’m new here, so please excuse me if the same question has been anwserd in the past

I’m using a xp machine, that has msn 4.7 pre installed and since thats the version I want to use anyway, I just downloaded the “server” reg and installed it.

The problem is that ieach time that I open msn it asks me for a net passport, that I cant really get since the offisial servers are obviousy not working anymore. I click next, it pretends to give me a passport or whatever, but nothing happens, next time I open the program the same thing happens

Does anyone know how to fix this?

download another version i guess

Ok, I fixed. To anyone that might have the same problem dowload and replace the exe from this topic

I might be late but just click cancel a couple times and it will go away :wink:

Yes, I’ve already fixed, but thanks for the tip anyways :slight_smile:

I had this on XP / Windows Messenger 4.7. I just kept putting my details in and it goes away.

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You have to set up more time. So It will bypass it.